Comforting and Restoring Kanchan’s Life

Holistic RN Christine Ashton didn’t think she would volunteer again, but that was before she saw the picture. “I cried when I saw the picture,” Christine said. The picture was of Kanchan, a young Indian girl who had been severely injured after falling into a 45-foot-deep well. Christine changed her mind about volunteering. She flew… Read More

Win 2 “Nurse Stethoscopes”

Proud Nurse Sweepstakes image

Join us as we celebrate Proud To Be A Nurse Sweepstakes from Oct. 5 to 16. Vote for your favorite meme, and you could win one of two Littmann stethoscopes and great books about nursing. We’ve gathered some hilarious charting bloopers from our friends at Doctors Lounge and created memes from them to vote on…. Read More